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Agriculture degrades the soil

Agriculture degrades the soil

Agriculture degrades the soil, making it unfavorable because various soil qualities are then not suitable for plant growth, such as the chemical properties of the soil becoming acidic.

Saline soils, for example, happen when the physical part of the soil loses its structure, causing the soil to become compact, lacking soil gaps, which reduces the fertility or nutrient content, resulting in an unbalanced state.
Long-term continuous farming without soil inspection and lack of improvement will affect the soil, affect the growth of plants, especially if the same soil is used for different crops, leading to different details of soil improvement.
Therefore, soil inspections and analysis should be carried out, to help improve soil fertility.

Soil quality standards for agricultural production are set out below:
Chemical values
Benzo (A) pyrene (C20H12) not to exceed 0.6
Cyanide compound (CN) not to exceed 11
Polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs) not to exceed 2.2
Do not exceed inyl Chloride (CH2 = CHCL) Do not exceed 1.5
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