To ensure that lab equipment and machinery are operating at an optimal level, and producing accurate results, they must be calibrated regularly. Periodic calibration also helps to minimize any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of test equipment. This process quantifies and controls errors within measurement processes to an acceptable level.

PAL offers a calibration service at either the laboratory or onsite. As part of our calibration services, we check the accuracy of your instrument as per the international standards set.

The scope includes analytical balance, weighting balance, thermometer, pressure humidity, Volumatic, other pH meter, conductivity meter, sound level meter, vibration meter, etc.

  • Volumetric (Pipette, Flask, Burette, Cylinder, Piston pipette, Dispenser, Digital burette)
  • Mass (Weight, Spring balance & Electronic balance)
  • Pressure (Pressure gauge, Pressure switch, Pressure recorder, Vacuum gauge)
  • Chemical (pH meter, Refractometer)
  • Temperature (Digital thermometer, Temperature data logger, Temperature recorder, Autoclave, Oven, Freezer and other)
  • Other (Centrifuge, Moisture balance, etc.)

Mass Calibration

Meter Calibration

Volumetric Calibration

Thermometer Calibration