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Vibration Measurement

Vibration Measurement

Vibration could influence the durability and reliability of mechanical systems and structures, causing problems such as damage, abnormal stopping, and potential disasters. Vibration measurement is an important step you could take to prevent these problems from occurring. In factories, testing the finished sample and product can improving quality standards and enable reliable products.

This service enables you to extend the lifetime value of your machinery, by analyzing the vibration shifts and trends over the course of use, comparing initial readings with current readings. Careful monitoring of machinery through vibration measurements help prevent breakdowns and slows down the pace of deterioration over time.

At the environmental impact level, vibration levels are measured to adhere to permitted limits, especially in places such as factories, construction sites, road traffic, and trains.

For example, at construction sites, if vibration levels exceed limits, it could cause cracks in the walls of nearby buildings.

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