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Pure water is good and suitable for the human body

Pure water is good and suitable for the human body

PThe pH should be between 6.5-8.5 according to the standards of the Department of Food and Drug, Ministry of Health.
Drinking water with a pH below 6.5 or above 8.5 can lead to diseases such as kidney stones, benign prostatic hyperplasia, indigestion, poor health and many more.
Nam Ha Pure Drinking Water, based on the six-month inspection results of the Department of Food and Drug Administration, the Ministry of Health, has a pH value between 6.6-7.7 which is considered to be within the standard of pure drinking water.
E.coli is a bacterium that lays gram negative bacteria the rod shape can grow both with and without oxygen in the enterobacteriaceae group. It is used as an indicator of health of food and water.

Phanthamit Analytical (PAL) provides water quality analysis services, with a modern analysis system, following international standards and accuracy, helping organizations that get the best water quality control.
You can use our service for households, factories, water plants or factories that use water for production.

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