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Soil quality analysis

Soil quality analysis

Analysis of the current soil quality can be observed quite clearly:
most of the farmers still take it lightly and do not give importance to the analysis of their own soil quality before carrying out agriculture, which is the reason for the yield not getting good results. but in reality, soil analysis is very important and soil analysis should be done at least in every 10 years.

Because the analysis will clearly indicate: what is the nature of the soil and what are the defects of the soil. not only this, after analyzing the soil, it also helps us to choose the right fertilizer and also save money. soil quality analysis can also
analyze and make us aware of soil nutrients, soil density, soil surface and micro-organisms a small size in the ground as well.

The Phanthamit Analytical (PAL)
Have expertise in various audits more for analysis of soil quality, water pollution, air and more.

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